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shall be associated with corresponding efforts in Great Britain

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the Podophyllin Pill, or Compound Powder of jalap and

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As not unfrequently, especially in chronic diseases, the

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will be found an admirable remedy, used as a local applica-

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anaesthetic or mydriatic properties. In the light of these facts, it

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visual field seemed to be covered by a thin veil.. The ambly-

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though not always constant it is well to give them due consid-

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tremities as the feet, after turning the child, before it is

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toms may be. When there is no such exudation the disease is

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scientific spirit — and for the most part is. It is true that a

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tinues without change up to the fifth, seventh, or, in some

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Materia Medica for Nurses. By A. S. Blumgarten, M.D.,

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structure, or even just at the base of it, close to the body.

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insurable, upon some one of the various forms of term insur-

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known to have this hereditary defect, the most energetic

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There has arisen some confusion over the- arrangement of

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gas is conducted directly into the intestine. We are convinced that

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The heart, the center of the circulatory apparatus, and the

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" ^ Well,' the trader replied rather hesitatingly, ^ if he gets

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and though it will sometimes seem as if the the child could

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of the American Medical Association," July 23, 1887) gives his

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The pathological specimen which I here exhibit consists of the

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stimulant at a time when the system is accustomed to its use.

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ing the remedy directly to the part affected. In very severe

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fully under the influence of the remedy, which will be in one

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later, a portion of the outer wall of the mastoid process was chiseled

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