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and soft in the intermission — the tissues beins; somewhat con-

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only does the effused lymph break down into pus, but the

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removed, and as it was found that air was entering by the

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no special instruction. The pai'ish priest is indeed obliged to instruct mid-

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perature in typhus or typhoid fever, or the exanthemata, and

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Symptoms. — The forming stage usually occupies some days,

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ease. Unfortunately this is the common treatment, and many

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Treatment. — As in some cases there are premonitory symp-

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ment of the intestine is involved, and the pain increased by

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and Canada contain everything in the way of curative agencies

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sensation of soreness in the region of the kidney, with slight

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injection. If there is much irritability of the bladder, we

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position, and as this gain means increased revenue and aug-

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The liver, which was formerly thought to play so important

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gas; the water level shows on the scale* the amount which has been injected.

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permit of burial shall be issued without a certificate of the Coroner

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exudation more numerous. The patches likewise increase in

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light, h he had a strong light and a fair view of the parts,

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in a loose manner. But the dressing has to be carefully

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resumed her normal expression. Yet, occasionally she had a

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slight difficulty in passing urine, and some alterations in its

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ing; this is called the bronchial respiration or sound. Over

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usually resist treatment and if the hemorrhages are increasing

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more less known. To these may be added ; chloroform,

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be found better than the Pulsatilla in small doses. Among

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ate zone. It is evidently closely allied to remittent fever, as

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Antidote: strong coffee or green teaj tannin, 16 grains

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borne in mind that while affording the greatest possible

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