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authors who appear to doubt the existence of such an affection as idio-

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the other in four months after the first appearance of the growth. They

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same time, from luxury and lazy enjoyments, to laborious pursuits.

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and the hips are of equal height. As this lady approaches you in froot,

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and as a matter of fact persons are known to have two or even three or

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(about one shilling, Enelish). When these Ajakderesi are not tendered

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either arm-pit of the patient and directs the pressure, so that the bar's resistance

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the body by means of the arms. Care must be taken that the head, shoulders,

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were restored to the same condition which had existed for months

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ful state, deranged, helpless, and one entire mass of putrefaction. We

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about one year from November. At Fairfield is another, which is reallj

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however, with advantage receive a few friends at home, but should

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Gowers I have seen Sir Victor Horsley open the spinal canal and drain the

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and curious branch of the study of medicine. One who reads the re-

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are usually very closely aggregated, whereas on the chin, cheeks, and fore-

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ing and evening, and antimonial wine twice daily a while, and pui^ed

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studying the character of the diversified objects of nature, which every-

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^ bibiting a series of triumphs, over cases of disease which had baffled the

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instance, iri the treatment of the calf or upper arm, etc.

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THB BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL is published everv Wednesday, tf

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checking the growth of the cancer cells. They refer more to the hypodermic

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are called, follow the initial manifestation in nearly every case. Some-

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(5) Hypertrophy, Atrophy, and Degeneration of Pulp. — Hypertrophy of

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nearly drowned ; a goitre appeared a few months later, and when I saw

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1 do not think he had more than four or Gve in the whole, and they

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render harmless what would otherwise be a bitter dose of the poison. The

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iaiDiog the denuded suriaces in contact, hy successive deep sutures, until

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indicated. Bacilli morphologically similar to those of tubercle are found in

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term ulcer is derived from a Greek word, signifying to draw, because it

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Blood-vessels. — Arteritis, and more commonly phlebitis, with typhoid bacilli in

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and by the patient, but in a few cases where the patient has been kept

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Dr. Bell's report of the condition of the McLean Asylum, of which

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sion in a twilight than at noonday, provided the darkness be not too

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