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root is used, add water one pound; mix. Place over a slow fire till all

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Antidote: strong coffee or green teaj tannin, 16 grains

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ness, they being congested and much softened, especially in

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not herein included arising from violence, whether resulting

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chronic inflammation terminating in suppuration, softening

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We hear it frequently stated that the vaccine obtained

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think may be relied upon, and I will state them plainly, en-

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the extensive wound. There remained a small fistula, that soon

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some the spinal canal is laid open, others are complicated by

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As a local application we may use the hot pack, covered

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Mercury in a short time, or not for months or years, and may

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To relieve the nervous disturbance, Pulsatilla will be the

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pressure produces pain. The urine is but little diminished in

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must not wrong 1 the stomach and bowels. There is more in

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4. That young men were liable to a peculiar form of

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lower extremities, or genital organs; of the mesenteric glands,

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reflex irritation or disease. Paraplegia results from disease of

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is a possibility of death being only apparent, and then the

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this occur in the anterior horn we have a flaccid paralysis

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failure of the digestive organs, and sometimes torpor of the se-

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calibre was introduced with ease, but as the solution did not return

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abundant means, we find cases in which the emetic is the

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iibers are very minute, they govern the most important of all

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which attempts to found a system of absolute sexual

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dered " want of order," or "irregularity," and we would have

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