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recommends that at the next annual meeting, members be

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place of this the Ergot may be used — the tincture in doses

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ach is marked, and associated with deficient digestive power,

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Post-Mortem Examination. — Mr. Longman remarks: "That

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disorder of adjacent parts. The symptoms given will embrace

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men. Why they are so is evident when we consider that in

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indication is periodicity, and the dose is the full antiperiodic

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of the accomplishment of certain physiological processes. In

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can Association of G-enito-Urinary Surgeons (May, 1885),

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man, and had an incarcerated right inguinal hernia. The intestine

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When called to treat a case of this kind, in the early stage,

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the muscular coat. We have to determine whether the irrita-

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mountain views on every side. It is no exaggeration to say


filling ^several pages, each one written by one who is a specialist

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learn the minutiae of its structure; from physiological works,

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but soon began to lose ground; the rupture was very high up

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"4. As a curative treatment, I am satistied that the best

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insensible perspiration as the remedy attains its influence.

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When the rubber ligature was removed, the blood slowly re-

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i.lways be followed by brisk friction with the hand, a coarse

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Again, the remedies classed as anti-rheumatics come in play,

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that the lymph we use is the normal and regular product of

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with a well marked rigor, though sometimes but slight chilly

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lowness about the month, and some uneasiness in right hypo

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ing the copula, as they are already at this period in a

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sulted. But I protest against the view that makes those

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The nature of the rifle wounds differs little, if at all, from

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tations for hours after a meal is taken, which occasionally do

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ized) with water to a paste, and spread it thickly on a

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