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traces of rods. I met with the same detritus without cocci in cul-

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"Excreta from bed pans is carried by the orderlies to

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cathartic medicine is doubtless the most common. Muco-en-

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The irritating plaster is sometimes of imminent service, as in

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(spiritual or bodily), assisting the sick in hospitals, con-

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It will not do to mistake the premises. Specific medication

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bly dirty, with a very unpleasant taste in the mouth, and sense

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able. Any antiseptic might be adopted, but in his opinion

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a prospect of his recovery. In proportion as the recovery

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rially from that proper tor other inflammations. The first

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after exposure to cold, followed by sudden arrest of secretion.

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fully with reference to the possibility of aneurism. The pe-

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be appointed a delegate, the only rule governing the appoint-

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most important means of diagnosing structural disease. A

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and condition of sewerage was given, with the source of water

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tation and determination of blood, ap exalted condition ; and

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the small intestines, with associate glands, do more to prepare

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vious exhaustion, and sudden arrest of the cutaneous secre-

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