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ter to a hall' hour. In violent and very painful inflammations a sedative

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Differential Diagnosis. — The interference witli the functions of the larynx

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or longer, or untii the physician is sure that the mouths of the vessels

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unprotected person may be rubbed with pus taken from a small-pox pus-

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gall-stones induce the dilatation, it is better than when it is due to external

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Symptoms. — There are no positive subjective symptoms of interstitial

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requires no argument to prove that the hemorrhage is not of necessity an

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to the course of the disease, and according to its origin. It usually

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of the kidneys. Whenever the flow of urine through the ureters into the

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can be adopted. It has been claimed that the long-continued administra-

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pleural and sub-pleural vessels by the pressure. Under such circumstances it

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Medicinal Treatment. — The most constant symptom of phthisis is fever,

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backward, and is caused by falls on the outstretched

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all the angles and iirojectlous situated at these points.

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ally extends, a number of circumscribed abscesses are formed. The tu-

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ammonaemia, accompanied by the evidence of obstruction to the normal

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Myalgia and acute pleurif^y may simulate angina pectoris. In each,

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hundred grains ; an increase in this amount has no special significance, but

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central cyst containing a blood clot, and sometimes free extravasated blood.

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and extends inward, and in severe cases may be so rapid that pus will be

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