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work. The general plan of the school, which worked so well
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contains a strong charge of an explosive. The shell may
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merely because, in that case, the general hygienic surroundings of the patient
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This book forms the October number of "Wood's Library " for
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tions of these great pioneers in antisepsis, which could
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Hysterectomy for Septic Pelvic Diseases," " Enterostomy
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mation and decided swelling." "A highly intelligent lady was
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swelling in various muscles and joints at the commencement of the secondary
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phenomenal cases the author offers painstaking and materialistic
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ican Medical Association, and the American Academy of Medicine,
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men during the Manchurian and Balkan campaigns. The
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severe in every one of the instances I have referred to. I need
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served in the New York Post-Graduate Medical School and Hospital
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Commission compelled him to resign rather than impose additional
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New York Dermatological Society. His death occurred Jan. 4, 1872.
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lished in the Annals of Surgery, April, 1913, the details of an origi-
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shown by the trustees in appointing to the superintendency of
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but sluggish ; answers questions, expresses wants ; eyes in-
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ized in the bone marrow; during fetal life the liver and spleen (pulpa) also

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