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edly vibratile, the pain exquisitely sharp, with flushing of the
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When the tormina and tenesmus, and frequency of dis-
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such predisposition exist^ a trivial cause may bring on
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matters involving legal technicalities are submitted to juries,
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that only the prescribed quantity is left. Raise then,
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or less difficult respiration. One drop on sugar every three
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in suppuration and destruction of the testicle. 1 have seen
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oUigari vi contractus^ cum id necessarium sit ad servandum
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of the bath, alkaline to the trunk, stimulant to the extremities
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imagine the difficulty experienced in finding some wounds.''
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Sciatic neuralgia is a very common form of the disease. It
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evacuated from the left auditory meatus, the child lost strength
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Reports from Cities on the Pacific Coast of 10,000 inhabitants
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He was beginning to enjoy life again after a long drawn out
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internal or external, proximate or remote, occasioned by
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The minister of baptism must also have the intention
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hard and frequent. The head and trunk is still hot, the face
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penitent cannot know whether semen may not have es-
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This case, it occurs to me, presents several points of special
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should at once remove their cases from the domain of popu-
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By the annual charitable fete in aid of its funds, which was
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always reaccumulates, but with variable rapidity, and sometimes
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broken down and replaced even 7 four months, we can readily
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Karl Loebker, who resected both bones of the forearm, in
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fostered at the expense of the will, the higher intellectual
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low this up with antiseptic injections. If the placenta is
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The first meeting of the Kings County Medical Associa-

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