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severe, sharp pain along the course of the vein or veins, which,
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relieved by it. Nausea comes on, with frequent retchings,
tenesmus by opiates and meagre diet. — Schmidt's Jahi+iuecher, Bd;
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Chlorate of Potash, Hydrochlorate of Ammonia, Sulphite of
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wove in all sixteen applications at intervals of from four to
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of Salicylic Acid as the collyrium. 1^ Salicylic Acid, Borax,
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most usually next the bone. Being the nutritious membrane
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it is readily moved in all directions, and can occupy a less or
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amount may come under the influence of the retrogressive
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fibro-plastic sarcomatous cells, in fact a hemorrhagic sarcoma. The
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and many others which a district nurse, due to make
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system, and derangement of the excretory organs, which, as a

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