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remedial agents, too much neglected in works on therapeutics, but to which

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he adds, ' My opinion is decidedly against the possibility of the protraction of uterine

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animum mutat.^^ One, whilst a resident in a town numbering 6 or 8000 per-

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ducted — by Dr. Carson, Professor of Materia Medica and Pharmacy in the

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special knife (Figs. 2a, 2b), and a clean cut made from

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and the increase in the amount of cholesterin, i. e.,

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townships, and who, as a class, can not be supposed to know

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hmi in the unfortunate scrape of drinking colchicum wine. Cupping vesi-

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citis with periappendicular suppuration, malignant en-

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I have operated that might be tabulated. While the con-

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from has been made good in part by the publication of

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enicals, and thus be subject to proper classification and stand-

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supports and urges the passage, with such modifications as may

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This idea has arisen from the erroneous supposition that the union of these

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Riofiey, in a letter read before the Academic lloyale de Medecine, at the

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simple syrup. At the expiration of a fortnight an additional dose was given.

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bling a steady sibilous rale; at others, excessively tumultuous, and more

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bladder trouble and weakness in legs ; symptoms Increased ; in

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greatly preferable to that of mercury, so much in vogue, and to which may

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of restitution in the limbs whose sensory nerves have been

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We are gratified to find that it has been so highly appreciated in this

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(Chyluskugelchen) of the blood, as well as the centre of the blood-corpuscules (BlutkOr-

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in the one of M. Duval, the Stromeyrean principle, (the division of a tendon

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scientific establishments under the direction and control

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down in health, but there was no suspicion of tuberculosis, and

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fixed in its situation by other than its normal extent of connection.^

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of damage, exceeding even that brought about by the

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Hnngary, was one of the most prominent sanitarians of eastern

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preciate the task before us, it will be necessary to enter

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motor control, the peripheral blood at least varies much

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subject and said that in treating of deafness from the stand-

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to the obsolete class of operations. It has a place, and

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The patient sought aid from several physicians, followed the advice given

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Le Roux, Pinel, Dupuyiren, and others, of tlie importance of ihe baths

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description of the baths and resistance treatment of the Schott

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urinary symptoms finasteride

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