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is frequently the price of the jiatient s life. One visit
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In considering the babies of this first class it appeared that far
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because it is vaguely possible that some at least of these eight
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became normal as soon as needless feather beds used for blank
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the Charleston hospitals with country fevers both remittent and inter
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depressive disorders some patients became more aware
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allow space for the lcn rth of the stroke or travel of the
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Oil of juniper oil of caraway oil of fennel alcohol
Congress at Geneva. Starting with the suggestion by
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servants forage fuel and light or allowances in their stead but
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the average student works fairh well. There is a small percentage of the
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tracted being little larger than an almond and contained scarcely any bile on
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following statement This phenomenon is so striking the
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meant that a disease that is to say a certain aggregate or combination
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the Theory and Practice of Midwifery and the Diseases of Women
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and other investigators confirmed his statements. Numerous control ob
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to add to a given weight of vinegar bicarbonate of potash till
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sion. But in all cases the comparative mildness of the intestinal symp
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treatment he is receiving in the penitentiary and have
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son as the child s heart and lungs may be sound. There
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rations twenty four appear to have terminated favourably. He showed further
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firmly rooted so generally prove fatal after lengthened suffering To accom
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steamer Eclair and on which Dr. McWilliam has recently reported
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justifiable if the child was alive if the placenta was cen
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influence and produces constitutional effects very similar to those

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