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since alarmed the public by announcing that the pre-

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centre of life, and disease of the heart was incompatible with life

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(1749) busied himself with the clinical aspects of heart disease, recog-

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shi'unken, especially towards the middle ; but there

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and uncertain action will ensue, where the most de- First, in regard to the source of the virus which is

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hot mustard batbs in, 494; Dr. O'Callagban on, 525;

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■chapters, of the important subject of Flooding after

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As a rule in case of a complication of the two diseases, the occur-

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I am convinced, from a careful study of the history

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two to four hours during the acute stage of the disease in the presence

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fluid of a pericarditis found in the case of a man from whom there

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Malaga is a capital illustration of " the connexion

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Powles, Revett Coleridge (Scholarship and Gold Medal), King's

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and allies in the great crusade against pain, disease,

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the jury's verdict ! Consider, again, the scandal of

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found that the utility of the ordinary wire-speculum

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blished — one on Midwifery and the Diseases of Women

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which I have not ventured to assert — viz., that the

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nently the over-mastering influence of certain states

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whirh has vet appeared from the pen of a scientific physician." —

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accm-acy by a knowledge of the general condition of

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the railways of England, Scotland, and Ireland, taken

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nervous system of the heart. Tobacco acts in sonic cast-s upon the

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to identity in looks and outward guise, identical in

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to notify that horse allowance will be passed to of-

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cortical portion of each end, and each as neai-ly as

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to be between the choroid and retina, although some

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