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among the neuroses, this, with our present knowledge, is all that is to be
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vaud and Rabuteau, under the direction of Robin, of Paris, show a marked
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here is very infrequent. The organ may be simply atrophied, and is some-
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ease. Urine deficient in urea decomposes slowly, and has not the strong
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pected ; but if the convulsions which precede this state have been ob-
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Cases in whicli the paralysis is due to hemorrhage or spinal apoplex}'
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The sudden occurrence of serous effusion into the ventricles, arachnoid
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quickly induced if tlie urea accumulate rapidly. On the other hand, if
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matic inflammation, as denoted b}^ pain, soreness, heat, etc. The researches
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that weak stimulation was one of the methods of obtaining a
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the vessels in addition to the laceration of brain-tissue. The improve-
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ration which interfere with the heart's activity." This latter
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take cognizance of these as constituting evidence of disorder, and as in-
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The diagnostic characters wliich have been embraced in the clinical his-
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of artificial respiration. As yet I can throw no light on the
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ends would be to open up a wide field for discussion, which would be in-
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