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sound lungs, and an unimpaired distension of them. If the
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persons and children, though it may affect all ages. The
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JDr. H. L. Nichols said that he differed from the author
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the men who had been admitted to Bellevue. The ship's
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in some cases. The common indication for the remedy is
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A choleraic diarrkoei requires to be promptly arrested. The
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Sleep. Sleep is of great importance to the well-being of the
benzocaine vs phenol for sore throat
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tine has been used with success in these cases, in doses of
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the lung, or the heart may be hypertrophied, giving rise to
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nutrition of textures; and we find that the retention of this
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benzocaine toxic dose
benzocaine uses and side effects
When the symptoms are very marked, we may employ an
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with much interest. In this connection the relation between
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culty of diagnosis was further increased by a co-existing and
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- Whether a lay person commits a mortal sin by conferring
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indicating the organization of the State Society as an arm of
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be stationed at some point near the sea coast, not far from Os-
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the growths, in obstructing respiration, disturbing sleep, or otherwise
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forehead or in the orbits, especially the left side, and small
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recent simplification of technique makes this method more
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doses of two tablespoonfuls every three hours, with an equal quantity of Cam-
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years, had been recommended and condemned by able obstet-
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are first called, we may poultice it with a decoction of Cornus
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Hemorrhage from the kidneys may result from injuries,
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that they merely float loosely in the amniotic liquor, and
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The fluid excites the throat to the act of swallowing. It
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mulation of morbid secretions in the intestinal canal, mias-
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rigid under the skin, as in contraction of muscles in other dis-
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of these points there was slight ecchymosis. Examination
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These figures do not include the men attached to Shorncliffe
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To be beat up with the yolks of three eggs, and taken at bed-
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cause is apparent, when it must be ascribed to a morbidly
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icine. The tongue is pallid and moist, the face rallow, yel-
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Stage of Excretion. — If the hot stage has been proportion-
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iodoform, and also because it is quite as effective, and further, pos-
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flatulency, dejection of mind and fear, arising from inadequate
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Sometimes poor people think that they are not as well
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Our knowledge of the laws of health and hygiene demon-
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