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Dr. Braun discovered an ectropion of the cervix uteri. Touch-
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remedies in increasing secretion by way of the skin, kidneys
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The products of inflammation may be absorbed, and to do
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Instead of the emetic as described, and much rather than
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particularly on the convex part of the bone covered by a thick peri-
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able danger. For the time after the bath, the existence of
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complains of unpleasant throbbing of the arteries of the neck,
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the St. John's Hospital, Twickenham, etc. New York:
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marked by an exacerbation of all the symptoms, as in this case
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sequently — any of the work for the private patients in
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tonic and stimulant properties, will be better than any other
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seemed to me, has accomplished more in this disease than all
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their removal, but in other cases they are vevy chronic When
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be noticed that the back is weak, and that it makes unusual
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I am satisfied that woolen clothing is of great importance
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to those in other forms of fever, indicating gradual arrest of
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symptoms attending grave fevers, and are due to serious
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Our school of physicians have given more attention to the
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such case we have the manifestation of abnormal innervation
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the temperature comes down to 100°; but even when these
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W. Scott George, Monrovio; Kentucky School of M., June 30, '87.
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certain conditions of altered or reduced vitality, they become a teem-
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trouble. In this case, if there are no special indications, I
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person on the crown of his head is nonsensical and fraught
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Indian Turnip, made into a poultice, is an excellent application,
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convulsions of infants, and of women during pregnancy
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chill showed a temperature of 100°. During the entire forming
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purulent discharge. These threatening symptoms yielded,
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who had suffered so severely during the early months of preg-
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from erotic motives. Through custom, physicians become
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This is a simpla case, as is shown by the range of temperature
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noted, and this gives us some very singular forms of disease.
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The mobilization of No. 2 Clearing Hospital, which has
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phrectomy, gastrotomy for foreign body in the oesophagus, and a plas-
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cases, that means will be required for each of them, but in
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firmer and deeper seated than measles, while in scarlatina
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and child-bearing period; their extreme mobility; their

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