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this metal, in the form of a girdle worn round the waist, especially by

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The operator from behind directs the movement by. keeping the shoulders well

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lent habit, had labored under the disease for twelve years, and, there-

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diately concerned tit effecting the aeration of blood, A full quantity

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tures are affected earlier and more often than others. It is therefore

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?iscera, but also of the membranes, muscles and joints." Lobelia in*

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ble. This custom, which has ever beset the Boston Medical and Surgi-

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that is growing, becoming more deeply pigmented or ulcerating, for if not

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There has been in Great Britain during the last forty-five years a

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normal conditions, from living nerve cells, and capable of modification by

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B the sole cause of failure ; for the most decided action of the remedies

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may form on a nerve, the sheath of which is thickened throughout. There

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alcerated, interfered with the operation. The tooth was, besides, very

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very great. On the other hand, the winds are often very cold, especially the

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many free granules of colouring matter. The kidney tubules are filled with

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of the invasion. Each of these events is so often indefinite that in many-

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alarming bleeding takes place. As soon as the growth is enucleated every

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of any toxin still circulating in the blood and not yet fixed in the nerve

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( of phlebitis, or inflammation of the veins, for in every case we find

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fungate through the mucous membrane. The diagnosis is always difficult,

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whole tumor, and depress it in its centre. This created much uoeaa-

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years, has been brought before the inhabitants of Boston, for introducing

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jiymptoms would require notice, and what remedies would be needed,

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whole of the liver was yellowish on its external surface, as though its

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One of the princ'tpal operative surgeons of Philadelphia remarks,

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that the patient possessed various physical characteristics peculiarly fa*

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improved, was not quite perfect, but the patient felt no fatigue or pain from the

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dysentery, tuberculosis, scurvy, anaemia, and chronic alcoholism.

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without admixture with other lymph numbers and is passed for. issue

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cates a want of energy in the nerves which control the respiratory

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actual open air treatment has yet been attempted, there can be hardly any

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