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has that peculiar odor that always attends the breaking down

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As regards the pathological signification of deposits of uric

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ordinary self-abuse. I will only mention that pederasty-

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occasionally severe pain about the orbit, and over the frontal

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disease will be made, before we are able to arrest it, but we

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of a second decussation of the lateral fasiculi through the

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Drs. J. A. Amyot and McKeown, who leave for the front

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face cf the chest, or an aneurism ma} 7 be formed, or a tumor

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cough, increased expectoration, and other evidence of disease

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prolapse ; and minute doses of Collinsonia are alternated with

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These enemata may contain either an astringent or a disinfectant or

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the use of special sedatives, with a diaphoretic, as:

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In the second case, it comes on gradually, following a severe

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becoming more and more severe, and attended with tenesmus

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the symptoms being, according to Copland, " slight palpita-

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attend a certain number of cases of labor in the hospital.

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rary duty in that Department. (S. 0. 8, Div. Pacific, January

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food, yet digestion is slow and imperfect ; though usually the

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'No. 3), published the results of an exhaustive research in 430

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well as in asthenic bronchitis, we find that the bronchial tubes

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munication to this effect from the Director-Oeneral of Medical

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opportunity to exploit them by a medical degree ; but so it

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Sulphurous Acid, or Sulphate of Iron, and also used as a

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should be made to determine the existence of increased sensi-

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garding Advertising, and make all Cheques, Drafts and Post-Oflfice

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of the patient, associated with enlargement of t lie thyroid

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fer that it be done without the boy's knowledge. Vinegar or

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with possibly Bryonia, Apocynum or Macrotys. In another,

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