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ately upon or adjacent to the spot where the pulsations occur.

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every pliysician can bear testimony that, from the beggar

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cisco for practising medicine without a license.* The charge

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dried, and rubbed with dry, and only moderately warm,

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Other causes may be mentioned, such as anemia, scurvy,

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Emptying the stomach of its contents by the stomach-

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tion of Anatomists, American Physiological Society, Society

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to it ; or the undue distension of the parenchyma of the lung3

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tube over a spirit lamp, and if a white deposit occurs, albumen

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instable and restless, with loss of flesh and strength, so that

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been named for the Stillingia Liniment. Equal parts of sugar

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to others and also for the reason that it was desirable to

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making its appearance, and in the meanwhile the fever rums

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institution with which he is connected. No attempt was made in

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an irritable larynx; the structures being in that condition that

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New York State Medical Association (organized in 1884), and

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self says, when speaking of the inhabitants of the sixty -four localities

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know the morale of the medical men, their skill, in-

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cases, of either form of the disease. Occasionally suppuration

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that, from the commencement, it was developed in the central part.

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mav be alternated with the Aconite. If the tongue is pallid

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annoyance than any other means of counter-in itation.

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with air. All these diseases produce the same effect in re-

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or three days before the chill, frequently associated with a

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As to the permanency of the results, there can be no settled

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