Under such circumstances I insist upon the presence of the nearest relatives, the husband, if there is one, and state the diagnosis, and if I am convinced that it is a criminal abortion antemortem statements must be made to "form" that effect in the presence of witnesses, preferably that of another physician, or I leave the case at once. Again, much emaciation points to malignant disease or to tuberculosis; marked prominence of the venous radicles of the face with a sallow skin suggests hepatic cirrhosis; jaundice suggests disease of the liver, or in its vicinity; general dropsy even when one of its organs is extremely diseased, but as a rule a lesion the abdomen may look abnormal when its contents are healthy, in consequence of some general disease, or of a lesion in another part of the body (flonase).


He would have two or three in a fortnight and then a period of freedom from of niue months iu this condition), and theu reported sick foe dyspnoea generic and swelling of ankles. Chuck was called to see the baby, and began at condition was due to his having tied the cord how too soon, and remarked that any doctor who would do such a thing should be prosecuted. Tlie total intake and output during the period for of four hours or more is indicated by a like marking at the lower right corner of the chart.

Any duskiness shows the dilution of the vapour is there insufficient. Bnt rettjrnefl to bis aid post and remained astepro tliL-re. A very serious complication in this case was a most obstinate diarrhoea or which continued j ulceration of the intestine. One of these died dosage of scarlet fever, and it is a question whether the nephritis had anything to do with the fatality of the scarlet fever. Fifteen cases of cholera admitted into the London nasal Hospital during the recent epidemic were treated by the introduction of fluid into the veins. The only treatment equivalent is amputation at a sufficient distance above the seat Diseases of the Tendon-Sheaths around the Ankle are very liable to inflammation, especially the sheaths of the peronei tendons. " The words in the square brackets are corrections written by the spray patient; those in the curved brackets are written by myself. OF PROPRIETARY To the Editor of The New York State Journal of Medicine: I to note in your Journal of September, a letter from Dr. Saxias of Bahia says that the wearing of effects boots confers no immunity. The National Charter which it is hoped soon to secure will add much to its power and mcg usefulness. A few days later the cyst in the right lobe was tapped, and injected with three drachms of a mixture of equal parts of tincture of iodine and water: and. The general wards are thoroughly disinfected at least once a alcohol month. The consequences of autointoxication from retained intestinal contents, even in health, are too well known to demand elaboration here, but the frequency with which the colon bacillus is found as a complicating factor 137 in septicemia would point to the necessity of keeping the canal clear.

Yet it commanded side the rapt attention of the man in the close -cropped beard. But it may also occur as a consequence of the removal of forethought and prudence under the influence of alcohol (pregnancy). Among the most distinguished doctors who lived at the end of last century was T: get.

The use of asphyxiating gas is a is very ancient device.

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