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be morbidly sensitive, by cauterizatiou of the urethra, and

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day. Of seventeen cases which I have now treated by this method,

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four, six or eight weeks, may be consumed in this process,

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The third appearanc of cholera in this country occurred in

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aid to a healthy natural life. They should be home-like in struc-

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and will have to be changed to meet each individual case.

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The cold stage is ushered in by a desire to yawn and stretch,

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sician, but when in reality he himself or his attendants have

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such restrictions of sexual intercourse as: that, outside of

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Prognosis. — The prognosis is favorable in a large majority

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at the dinner and made a splendid oration, taking for his sub-

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place with great rapidity, and five weeks from the date of the first

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4. In the case of Mrs. Q I was obliged to use the forceps on

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fear, he is not intimidated by holding or striking at him with

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Sequelae. — Among the most frequent of the sequelae of

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potest, ait S. Liguorius, id inter ipsam refectionem quis

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becomes dim, glassy, without lustre, and hollow ; the mouth

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dustry, aims and charities, or to be brief, how far they

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hysterectomy, secure the uterine arteries, cleanse the parts,

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scopic examination easiest by putting the urine in a bottle,

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a criminal trial. Epilepsy and hysteria can not be mistake i

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from the eruption, running until the new epithelium is fully

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pulse has good volume, Veratrum is given with Gelse-

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with vibices. As their color becomes darker the nervous

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This is a matter of little importance ( in Germany or in

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of liquid ; it occurs in capillary bronchitis, idiopathic and

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and sense of weight in his head ; all the functions of the body

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of the Sixteenth Congress of German Surgeons, in Berlin, Dr. De

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Diagnosis. — We have but little trouble in making the diag

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