Alphaviril Mg

bers. The President should be familiar with the workings
does alphaviril work
urinary passages exists, we may use Santonin in small doses,
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When called to treat a case of this kind, in the early stage,
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" If there be evidence of suppuration, or of faecal abscess,
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dryness of the skin, constipation of the bowels, and scanty
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ad priiritimi sedanduni,''^ % But tactus impudici are forbid-
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be dull in proportion to the solidification. We are thus en-
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the result being a chill of variable duration. If this continues,
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a cured case into a recent one, but the success was not appre-
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important, if not constant condition. The symptons are, a
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patients acknowledge the abuse of the article. One patient
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ance, looking many times as if it was cedematous, and would
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ten consecutive cases. Attention is called to the fact that
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The remedies to relieve laryngeal irritation will vary in
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The L. A. H., of Dublin, is a qualification to prac-
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scanty and high colored, some diuretic infusion, as of Mentha
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fever is developed. And to some extent it is propagated in
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ious during the night. He vomited a quantity of offensive mat-
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The etiology of scarlet fever is a subject which has recently at-
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received through the Hon. George Perley, Canadian Commis-
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the teeth, low muttering, or in some cases wild delirium, sub-
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were. Of course our object is to get resolution as the termi-
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and the colored contents become diffused through the urine.
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ty, Tinct. Veratrum gtt. x to gtt. xx, Water ┬živ; a teaspoonful
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cases in which the chill was of twenty -four hours duration, the
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thus treated by me in 1857, which had been bitten by a dog that
though the pain is not increased by exposure to light. In

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