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sufficient to render the resitlts in any- way conclusive, but

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finds himself driven, in the last resort, to the refuge of the

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children, but too often is he the unconscious ■ r ^- / u ^ ^t j r ■ . ..u

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culous patient be permitted to leave home to make it early. Consider his need of

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although occasionally present in the epithelium of the tubules.

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Here shaving the head, blisters behind the ears, with compound

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tolerated. In this way it was found possi- enlarged, its lower margin being palpable

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examination of authors seems to have been so searching, and cita-

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still more exceptionable (than Malignant) because, besides belonging

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to 2.0 microns in length and from 0.4 to 1.2 microns in breadth. The

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Mention The Charlotte Medical Journal in correspondence with advertisers.

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bacillus will grow on these media only when placed in anaero-

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tinued fevers? This question cannot be answered without the

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ed few; many languish for weeks in the Bowditch says, if the fluid does not subside

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On the day following, specimens were obtained from 12 others, all

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as it were, mental pain produced by over- exertion of the brain),

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I have prescribed Kutnow'3 Powder from time to time

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indication which his leading principles suggest to him. There

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religious formation of ideas, with extreme depression, the

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(i. e., including cephalic, ventral, and adjacent portion of principal

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busy practitioner is to be put in a position to employ electricity

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actual energy ; and hence it is that the effect produced in both

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operation ; it may show itself only at the end of several hours, or

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might be quoted of persons v/ho were believed to be dead, but

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he says, speaking of the saturated tincture, that it 'cannot be

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ble quantity of phosphorus was found precipitated in the form of a

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to pull the gland into the perineal opening. .R^ad before the North Carolina Medical So-

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incrustations that prevent the escape of pus alone can teach the surgeon the agent to

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of necklace of unequal and knotty tumors, which extend from

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them, the character of depression and congestion, than in those

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and now narcotics, arsenic, turpentine, and many others. The

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are depressed and weak, their feathers ruffled and wangs

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ing their long stay in one of the two brigades working at the

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thoracic, dorsal, and temporal regions, and especially for pulmona-

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in them may b< !. In winter, warm water should l<

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attes that, by its richness of composition of Lithia, it is of marvelous efficacy, in cases of

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must be provoked by irritation, more or less intense, at some point

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or later, after the discontinuance of the treatment M. Eeybard,

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