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casses is conducted by natural light. The condemned carcasses are cut down and placed
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the liver on account of adhesions. The first of these were easily broken, but
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stituted and perfused with the same solution that had been perfusing
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ordinarily curbs excessive eating. Lowered caloric intake and loss of weight naturally
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guide to job placement; secondly, to advise the em-
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the necessity of an interim session of the House of Delegates,
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the Harriet Lane Home. The child was first seen in the out-patient
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suir.riMir f,,„„ ,i,.,,ositioM of ImsoImMo iirjito in tin. tissurs, ,,s in ,t
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Behavior in the Human Male,” Sollmann’s "Pharmacology.” Beckman’s "Treat-
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rodents since 1908. The budget for such eradication
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been able to find, and all I can say is that the ma-
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taining to chest diseases be presented at medical meet-
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tum, taken oa the day of admissicm (Figs. 1 and 2) 94
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Autopsy No. J^oOO. — The body is that of a small, emaciated, colored male
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to meat food products for export to any foreign country and which are prepared or
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diate Aseptic Anastomosis for Carcinoma of the Colon,
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ST. lOUlS Office: A. W. Breckenkamp, Representative, 623 Missouri Theatre Building, Telephone Newstead 0404
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flushed, and was found in an insanitary condition. The main tank room has cement
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bred, handsome, and attain great weight. The grades of Clydesdale
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7. Culture Canine F. — ^During the course of the regular pathological investi-
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nine months he was maintained on 100 mg. of propyl-thioura-
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develoitment in the hrain of man. as compareil with that of other ani-
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western, northern, and eastern boundary line of Merced County to the southeast corner
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ical care for the veterans.” This idea certainly was
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20. Lahey, F.: Carcinoma of the Colon, S. Clin. North
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Fund supported hospital will be ready for operation in
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nomic conditions, the St. Louis Blue Cross could not under-
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irlycopen is present there is little or o fat. and vifi n rfn It is impor-
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on May 24 was oscillating irregularly from 98.6 to 100 F.
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in figure 1. She was given sulfadiazine for three days
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reference being made to the fact that although in their particular
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neer collects atmospheric samples at frequent inter-
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h Occurrence of Glycosuria.- Ch.,..,.. ,,,„. ., „,„ „,,,„„, ..„, ^^
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In October 1945 she felt weak and dizzy and, on one
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rabbits inoculated intraoerebrally with the material remained healthy,
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cough, became very much emaciated, and died about six weeks after the devel-
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eiizxiiies is souirht liy a determination of the free amino-i)urine liases
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same bacillus. On account of the features which it has in common with
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some for final sale, others for further fitting for market. The
albenza (albendazole) pyrantel pamoate or vermox (mebendazole)
ternal Skeletal Fixation. J. Albert Key, St. Louis,
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epithelial tissues. A piece of frog's skin liquefies the plasma for as
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defined, therefore, as a simple transfer of materials from the cells within
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in which the amounts of feed consumed are noted and their effects
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every three years by the representatives of the circuit. Thus the directorate
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fat seem normal. The right auricle is slightly dilated; otherwise it
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young animals, in which the injection was followed by a fulminating
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red or purple. On section the capsule and trabeculie are slightly thickened,

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