99 R1 Performance Mods

In this way, the coustitution is strengthened, and the liability
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by the second branch — or those over the inferior maxillary,
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The Skin. — The skin is not only an apparatus for removing
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casii quo midier post suam seminationern se retraheret et
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03 yamaha r1 performance parts
we have a marked lesion of innervation, and to some extent
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Plasters and salves should not be spread too thickly over
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pensive publications of a similar character. The volumes are broad
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which the body is to be rolled under the forehead. An-
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♦Read at the meeting- of the Academy of Medicine, Toronto, Feb. 2, 1915.
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tions. We are not inclined to believe that this is the result
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is greatest. After this, the danger becomes less ; but ex-
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might be, the lucidity and the many charms of his speaking,
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then were, are exceeding interesting, and we feel that the book
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above named will prove the best. This application, it has
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to remove the salve is to wash the skin with oil ; the wound
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(Debreyne). Pollutions of this kind, very happily termed
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blood. If the eruption should not appear at the usual time,
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(3) As to symptomatic treatment, one must relieve pain by
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the tongue is heavily coated at the base, the mouth clammy
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Diagnosis. — The diagnosis must be in part by exclusion ; then
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among the simplest remedies. There should be no hesita-
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power, practically, to replace the Society, not only in the
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dertaking are proceeding in strict accordance with ethical
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the injection a bulb, similar to that on the ordinary Davidson
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store a quantity of gas sufficient for five or .seven applications.
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being really dependent on septic absorption. There must be a pre-
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i'reelj', to the extent of a pint or more in a short time, for an
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it is relaxed or flabby, we obtain normal excretory action.
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ease." He argues that because joints subject to injury are
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sometimes sudden in its onset, the patient being roused at
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Treatment. — When the torpidity is of recent occurrence
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lasted several months, and I was indulging the hope that he
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pollutionis periculum inducit.^^ I am not, however, myself
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thoroughly, and night and morning smear on an ointment

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